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My name is Andrea and I have created Yoga Bliss Health with your well being in mind! I can inspire and empower you through yoga, meditation and by opening the window to the most sophisticated natural healing system of Ayurveda.

Hatha Yoga Classes in Perth

I run a variety of Hatha yoga classes in the Northern suburbs of Perth: Kingsley, Sorrento, Greenwood and a Senior’s chair yoga class in Mullaloo. My classes are varied, fun, challenging and full of inspiration! View my Yoga class timetable here – classes are based in Kingsley, Sorrento and Greenwood.

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Ayurveda Products & Workshops in Perth

I am very passionate about sharing the knowledge of Ayurveda through my products and workshops.

My products include:

– Handcrafted organic herbal teas to cool the body, aid digestion, relax and unwind
Triphala, the highly effective cleansing 3 fruits powder
– Kitchari healing meal packs, including rice, mung dhal and all spices
– Turmeric soothe – to make golden paste
Yoga equipment – your perfect yoga starter kit
Recorded meditations – guided meditations, perfect to start your mindfulness journey
Floatation audio – aimed at float centres, these downloadable audio files offer a 1-hour relaxation session with spoken words and music

I have held a number of information packed workshops on an introduction to Ayurveda and how to cleanse the Ayurvedic way.

About Me

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Known for my voice, self-expression and inspirational classes that connect both the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga; aligning body, mind and spirit to create the inner journey towards healing and empowerment. My classes include the great wisdom of the Yoga Sutras, the first writings on yoga, offering invaluable advice on living a happy, connected and meaningful life individually and with the greater whole.

Born in a Canadian winter, raised in an English country village and educated in the coastal towns of Port Elizabeth and Durban, South Africa; after many years in London and Europe, I finally settled in Perth, Western Australia.

A lover of Nature, Literature, Philosophy and the Arts – yoga is my creative medium. I discovered yoga practice in my teens, as a wonderful part of my jazz dance classes and read my first book on yogic philosophy “Yoga – the key to life” by James McCartney when I was 16 years old!

Yoga is my way to blossom and to feel life living through me. The Bliss of Being. After many years of practice around the world, I completed a Diploma of Hatha Yoga Teaching in 2001 IYTA Inc, (thank you Margaret Willcocks).


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Since then I have studied with Nicky Knoff – Dynamic Vinyasa, (thank you Ushananda)Knoff yoga, Jo Phee – Yin Yoga and The Feldenkrais Method (Awareness through Movement) – 100 hours.

My classes reflect all this knowledge.

Life Coaching Training

In 2008 I completed a Life Coaching Diploma (LCI Inc). Life Coaching is incredibly empowering and helps you to live your dream life. By seeing your reality, giving you tools to overcome obstacles and make changes in your life, you plan a way forward with a step by step plan to achieve your goals. I incorporate these skills in my Ayurvedic lifestyle consultations, as your True Nature Coach. Find out more about True Nature coaching!

Ayurveda Products and Consultations

I have always had a fascination and deep respect for Herbal Medicine and the healing power of exotic spices and am an on-going student of Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science “The Wisdom of Life”.

In September 2016 I completed my Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselling Diploma, over 2 years. An incredible journey into the knowledge and wisdom of Nature and how it heals the body and mind. What I absolutely love about this science is that we are encouraged as practitioners to thoroughly understand our client’s world, physically, mentally and emotionally and offer lifestyle enhancements through nutritious meals, meditation, yoga and daily self care.

Ayurveda draws on the wisdom of nature, through the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether, inherent in all things to help you understand your own nature: body, mind and spirit.

Ayurveda offers personalised nutritional advice, daily regimes; takes into account your stage of life, your unique mind-body constitution, the seasons, yoga and meditation – the Mother of all healing systems and first holistic system in the world! Find out more about “The Widsom of Life”

Yoga and Ayurveda are around 5 thousand years old, yet as relevant as ever today; offering practical wisdom to help you feel more vital, stronger, happier, healthier in body and mind!

Here is a snippet of a relaxation mediation for you to listen to.


I look forward to sharing Yoga and Ayurveda with you!…namaste