My Vision for you
Mission Statement

My goal at Yoga Bliss Health is to encourage, assist and empower you to create your healthier, happier and most fulfilled life! I offer a variety of weekly yoga classes in Perth’s northern suburbs, including beginner’s yoga in Kingsley.  I also offer you the opportunity to dive deeply into what matters most – your physical, mental and emotional health and offer tools to bring you to your truest most vital self through 1:1 coaching as Your True Nature Coach, workshops and on-line courses; sharing with you the most sophisticated natural health care system of Ayurveda. I will help you to increase the flow of prana (vital life force energy) within yourself. Prana is the immense natural intelligence within yourself and the universe, allowing it to unfold its infinite potential, through Ayurveda (food as medicine) and yoga, breath and meditation. Body, mind and consciousness. What sets Yoga Bliss classes apart, is that you will also discover more about the great teachings of the Yoga Sutras which I am very passionate about – threaded through our sessions to give you an invaluable set of life skills to navigate life’s ups and downs. I offer yoga classes, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultations, body treatments, workshops, courses and retreats in Perth, Western Australia and exotic locations.

Beginners and all levels welcome
Yoga’s sister science, “Wisdom of Life”
Body Treatments
Yoga Retreats
Open all hours.

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