“I have had the pleasure of attending Andrea’s classes for a number of years now and I am still amazed at the depth and breadth of her yogic knowledge including both philosophical and anatomical aspects. Moreover, Andrea really enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge and does so in a very effective manner. I have been to other yoga classes in the past but Andrea’s is by far and away the best I have ever attended.”
– Carl Campagnoli
“I am so grateful to have found Andrea’s yoga class. She is a passionate, knowledgeable and inspirational teacher who has helped me develop my yoga practise. I love the way she connects body and mind through alignment, interspersed with motivational quotes and humour.”
– Judy Brooks
“I always come away from Andrea’s classes with a sense of well-being.
Love the way she programs each term giving purpose and meaning to everything we do in class. Each week is a progression from the one before.
Plenty of guidance in correct postures and lots of mindful thoughts. Thanks Andrea ”
– Lindy Luck
“I have enjoyed classes at Yoga bliss for 18 months. Andrea is always so welcoming and seems to know what you need to work on!
The class always begins with a period of relaxation which eases you into a new mindset then steadily builds up until you realise you actually have done quite a workout.
The techniques, postures and breathing leave you ready to face the world again. I believe as you get older you either use it or lose it and these classes definitely contribute to flexibility and a strong sense of well being.I would recommend taking these classes to anyone as Andrea gently guides beginners throughout the session and manages to accommodate the practice of the more advanced students. Thank you so much Andrea.”
– Siobhan Doyle
“I have attended yoga classes of all forms in many countries for many decades. The first class I attended with Andrea and heard her smile and say “Welcome” I knew I had a winner!
Andrea’s classes are suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced because she is very skilled at talking you through the postures so you get the feel and understanding of the posture according to your body. There are always modifications for those of us who have an injury or a disability.Integrating Hatha yoga with Yin yoga and Feldenkrais brings more layers to mindful practice. Andrea seems to have a limitless variety of postures and sequences which makes for an enjoyable and effective class.I always feel as though every class is a private class just for me.

I also enjoy the Ayurveda workshops as they have added to the integrated approach to my health and wellbeing. Thank you Andrea!”
– Lorraine Arden

“Andrea is a an extraordinary yoga teacher.Her knowledge of the human and associated spiritual bodies that she exhibits during her classes never fails to amaze me. The makeup of the classes are always varied from middle aged to young and Andrea is able to adapt the poses to everyone’s ability and personally adjusts those who may be struggling.
A good example of this are my particular body issues which are osteoarthritis in the knees and wrists. I use pushup handles when doing poses such as downward dog as I cannot put full body weight on bent wrists. Unlike some classes, Andrea has no problems with this and is pleased that I can find a way to do the pose to the best of my ability. My knees have regained a lot of flexibility and strength through Andrea’s classes and once again, because Andrea knows my body issues, has no problems if I can’t fully kneel or bend my leg and accepts that I am doing my best in what ever the pose may be.If you are looking for an authentic teacher of yoga and spirituality look no further than Andrea and try one of her classes. It could be one of the best decisions you will make for yourself.”
– Stuart Snart

“I have practised yoga on and off, in various styles for over 4 decades now and needless to say I have met and been guided by many teachers over the years. I would like to attest Andrea Freeman is one of the very best teachers I have come across! She guides all level of students with positivity and possibility without ego. Not only does she do this with light, joy and gentleness but also with a deep knowledge and spiritual connection. Get to her classes and give your mind, body and soul this wonderful opportunity!!”
– Carole Saville